#tbt and a rare moment–a picture of me lol

tbt MC BallSoon to be HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARINE CORPS I thought I posted this while it is still #tbt. Me from 1997 my first Marine Ball, with then my fiancé — wow soon to be 17 years together and this weekend another Marine Ball (though I am unable to attend). So thankful for the invention of the camera to capture moments — not myself but that moment I flew to see him up in Pensacola and attend our first Ball together and here we are married next month going to celebrate 17 years of being married and 5 wonderful kids!


Me, Myself & I! Q&A

My name is Heather 35 yrs. OLD (with 5 KIDS I get to capitalize the word OLD ). Born in the sunshine state of Florida, met my husband from my best friend. He is a United States Marine and has been for the last 17 years. We have 5 kids. Three boys first — 15, 13 & 11. Then we were blessed with two girls 6 &(almost) 5. As well as a 9 year old Black Lab named Finley, we adopted him from a family who was being stationed overseas and couldn’t bring him with them.  I am a huge advocate for Anti Bullying as we almost lost our oldest son one afternoon after being beaten and bullied at school—it was devastating. After being beaten on the bus by another  student(No one called me) he suffered from a stroke at the age of 12. 12 YEARS OLD HE HAD A STROKE FROM BEING BULLIED. He suffers Asperger and ADHD. MY LIFE WOULD NOT BE SAME IF HE WERE NOT THE SAME.. We as a mom’s, dad’s, son’s, daughters, friend’s etc we can end Bullying. I started an Anti Bullying Support Group. In the hopes that NO OTHER FAMILY WILL HAVE TO GO THROUGH WHAT WE HAVE GONE THROUGH.. Autism Awareness needs to be spread. I too am advocate for spreading awareness. I became a Pro Bono Therapist working with children and adolescents who have been through Trauma and Addiction because I feel everyone is entitled to help and being able to take a breath. Life is not meant to be easy I can say that first hand. I push through my health issues. But life is a lesson and we are to help each other along the way. Soon you will see items I have created that I am selling to raise for my Causes (on Instagram). As they are Non Profit. I stay busy, but was brought up with the saying “There is no such thing as being bored, you can always find something to do” and in this house boy is that true. While at my office I even created “Girl” & “Boy” (that one is more of a joke) Bathroom Signs when my kids are there.

10424272_10204442643409002_5671841724515599003_n 10491275_10204442643569006_5501643066933507098_n  10524354_10204442643889014_8012298102935714337_n    We have a saying in our household “NEVER A DULL MOMENT”

If you would like to donate to help on PayPal email is Kiapopo@aol.com Tax Deduction.  THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT. Now I need to go hug my kids and dry my eyes.

As you might have seen I post a Q&A—I have been asked many questions over the years, most common one “ARE YOU PLANNING ON HAVING ANY MORE KIDS?” I will go ahead and get that answer out of the way –NOOOOOOOOO!!

So if you have any questions feel free to ask way, I will gladly answer!