Birth Announcement Baseball Review & Giveaway

When thinking about gift giving or even treated yourself to something special and unique it can be hard to find that item in all the box stores. Celebrating the moment your child or someone close to you who just had a new baby, giving a gift that is one of a kind and that can be treasured and passed down from generation to generation can be tricky and hard to find. I am here to help you with that problem. Urban Farmhouse creates one of a kind Birth Announcement Baseballs for just that special occasion. I chose to add all my 5 kids name and birth year, I am so excited to be displaying this on my shelf.


You could the name, weight, time of birth, day, year..really the choices are endless since it is personalized by you! To compliment the baseball they also offer a personalized Baseball Bat! Boy are perfect for girls or boys. Urban Farmhouse has so many photos and ideas as well other gift option to those special occasion such as birthdays, births, holidays and just because on their Facebook page Urban Farmhouse Tampa.

Go check out my Youtube Video showing you my Personalized Baseball:

Priced at $22 for each Baseball you can order yours from their Etsy Shop Urban Farmhouse Tampa

Shop owners Sara & Aaron Hill will have you giving a gift that will be loved and treasured for years to come.


Visit their Etsy shop Urban Loft Tampa for personalized and unique Wedding Gifts

Now be sure to enter the 2015 Parents Gift Guide Giveaway to win one of your own Personalized Birth Announcement Baseballs sponsored by Urban Farmhouse.

Giveaway will begin on May 19th! Good Luck


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