Toothbrushes, Kids & an Idea

Toothpaste…Toothbrushes…KID’S BATHROOM—-EWWW!

With 5 kids sharing a bathroom things can get a bit sticky and messy in there. I am always trying to find products to help keep it organized and neat. As I have stated before Pinterest is my go-to website for ideas for all rooms in my house. This idea I am sure can be found on their…though haven’t looked but this one came to me in Walmart!

The girls got new toothbrush from RADIUS and new toothpaste from Xlear  (be sure to look for their reviews coming soon) and where to put them was the problem. Not sure about your kids, but my girls will use their toothbrushes no matter where they find them on the sink or how chewed up the bristles are. So I wanted to come up with an idea that would help with the “Where is my toothbrush?” and the “HEY, that is my toothpaste” crisis.

While in Walmart I was passing by the party supply section gazing at all the plastic party cups, when the idea struck me! Off I ran to the craft section and found Velcro, on sale too. After getting the supplies I came home and within minutes the girl’s new organized space was created.

11146038_10206612491533849_413929903_nI measured the Velcro to fit the backside of the cups. Monster High for Megan and Frozen for Faith.

After I lined up the opposite side of the Velcro on the bathroom wall right above the corner of the bathroom sink, I stuck the cup up there and inside I added their new toothbrushes and their own toothpaste. Boy were they so thrilled and been using it daily since. To clean the cups I take them off the wall and rinse them out, dry and hang back up! Quick, Easy and Neat! LOVE IT! I can always switch out the cups when they get to beat up or new favorites are sold!


I thought about doing the same for the boys, and still may but for now just the girls have their own Bathroom Cup Organizer!

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