Chicken & Potato Dinner Recipe

I love trying new dishes and with feeding 7 we need bigger than what super market’s call “Family Size” ;). We also have chicken (sometimes a few times a week) so finding new recipes and ideas to use with chicken is a MUST! I love looking online at my Pinterest Account for new ideas and recipes, you cannot fail going on that site! This one I saw a picture of on Facebook and wanted to try it right away, we switched out the  asparagus for fresh green beans. So only seeing a picture I had to add in my own seasonings and amounts. Enjoy!

Pre heat the oven to 350 Degrees

I like to start off with spraying my baking dishes with PAM Butter Spray, it helps with the clean up afterwards but also adds flavor to the food.

I lightly salted and added pepper to the bottom of the dish before adding the food.


We cut up a 5LB bag of Red Potatoes into cubes…boy did we have a lot of potatoes and so glad I used the whole bag as they were a HUGE HIT!!


After washing off the chicken and green beans (also patting dry) I placed three ingredients into the first baking dish in a row. Row for Green Beans, Row of the 3 Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast and a row of the Cubed Red Potatoes.

Topped with spoonful’s of Country Crock Spread. Seasoned with Parsley and Poultry Seasoning. Onto the next baking dish….which for this one was just 2 rows…Chicken & Potatoes.

11139535_10206612476293468_656978857_n Baked at 350 Degrees for 1 hour and 8 minutes. Boy that hour of having the delicious smell fill up our house we were all glad when it was finally done! Plates and silverware all laid out on the counter and ready to be filled with dinner at 7:15 PM the timer went off and 5 hungry kids rushed to the kitchen!!



ENJOY! We sure did! Next time I will be sure to get more green beans as the little bit my husband picked up was not enough.




Would love to hear how you enjoyed this recipe and what changes, if any, you did!


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