Babiators Sunglass for Kids Review


We live in the VERY Sunny state of North Carolina, sunglasses are a must! Even when it rains (and it does often) it is sunny and humid out. My kids are at the age where when we get in the car they are popping on some cheap sunglasses I grabbed for them….complaining how they don’t cover right and/or break easy and often times do not fit properly. When I received 4 glasses from Babiators to review, my kids were THRILLED! Have to say so was I. They come with a cloth case and wipe to use to clean the lens…how great is that!!! Ones I have bought from Walmart or Target do not come with either of those.


I usually don’t like many sun glasses since like my kids have found they don’t often fit right. Yes they are for kids 7-14 but they fit me great!


The Babiators’ ACES come in more than just the color white, check out their selection of stylish colors.. Aces Sunglass

It’s time for something BIGGER — Introducing our new Aces Shades for all kids ages 7-14 to rock all year long! These 100% UV protection sunglasses feature our best-selling aviator frame with an amped-up cool factor and stylin’ mirrored lenses.

Now that 4 of my kids have awesome new sun glasses that since arrival they have used every car trip and while playing outside…as well as taking care of them! They look so cute and stylish in their new glasses. My son Kevin absolutely loves his..he wants an extra pair in their Black with the Blue Lens.



Which color would your kids want? Another GREAT GREAT thing about Babiators is their Lost & Found Guarantee. Yes you read that right… Lost & Found Guarantee. With kids I know all to well about lost items, and then having to them, not with Babiators if your child’s  Babiators products are lost or broken within one year of purchase, we will send you a FREE replacement (all you pay is shipping!), be sure to register your purchase on their Babiators website. HOW AWESOME IS THAT?



We look so COOL! Be sure to visit Babiators and come back and let me know which one you would pick or have ordered!

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Check out how they look when they arrive


*I received these glasses for the 2015 Parents Gift Guide for mine and my kids HONEST review*


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