Pancake Polymer Clay Necklace Giveaway

I am still in awe, over my necklace by BakeryCharms. I have tried my hands at making things with polymer clay, lets just say my necklace that should have been simple and quick and even easy to do looked like newborn had attempted it. Luckily for me and my birthday girl (soon to be 7 years old — Christmas baby!!!) Jenn of BakeryCharms is an expert at making AMAZING charms, earrings, necklaces, key chains and rings with the clay. I found the one I wanted for my birthday girl right away, her Rainbow Sprinkle Cake

rainbow cake

Megan loves wearing necklaces and then this own just screams BIRTHDAY!!! I know she will love it! Now it was my turn. She has on her site waffles, love the necklaces though I don’t eat waffles but I love pancakes!!! So I asked her if she had Pancakes. She said it was on her to do list but she would do a custom order for me (You too can place a custom order. She will be taking more after January 7th). 4 days later as my son and I were walking into Michael’s I received a message from Jenn with a photo of the finished pancake necklace for my approval. Once I saw it my mouth dropped. The detail in the photo alone was amazing.  10833927_1513215635621570_1610321143_n

It looks just like a stack of IHop pancakes with the butter and syrup dripping down from it!!! I approved it on the spot! She shipped both necklaces right away (They are shipped from Hawaii) and I anxiously waited for the package to arrive! Once it did I was even happier and more impressed with them in person!


Now you can own your very own Pancake Polymer Clay Necklace by entering below! Good Luck! Click the Link Below!


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