Colour Me Cape Giveaway By Great Pretenders

cc_mermaid_3_featureimage cc_pirate_2_featureimage cc_fairy_2featureimage                                Great Pretenders – Colour Me Cape Giveaway

 Colouring on this cape was meant to happen! The Colour Me Fairy Cape has been designed with a elegant fairy print which can be coloured in by your little fairy! Hours of fun to keep your little one busy. Each fairy cape is made with a purple satin lining, bias cut binding and has a Velcro closer at the neck. Each colour cape comes with 8 markers. Best of all, the capes are machine washable!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    cc_pirate_4_featureimage               tempfeatureimage_1

What a fun way for you son or daughter to spend the day expressing their creativity and then jumping into the world imagination! Imagination play is the best, where one minute you are in the living room and then next you are on your own Pirate Ship sailing the big Blue Sea or in your own Fairy World surrounded by all your colorful fairy friends! The possibilities are endless and where you go and what you do is only a blink of an eye away. “All acts performed in the world begin in the imagination.” Author: Barbara Grizzuti Harrison.

Here is your chance to win either one of the Girls Colour Me Cape or the Boys Colour Me Cape


Colour Me Cape Giveaway By Great Pretenders


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