My Life as a Full-Time Blogger (Guest Post) By: Tessa Smith

My Life as a Full-Time Blogger

Just How Do I Do It?

Mama Smith

Blogging full time. Yeah, it takes up about half of my life. OK, that’s a lie. If I am being 100% honest with myself it take up about three quarters of my life. I eat, breath, and dream reviews. I love it, don’t get me wrong. I have my Bachelor’s degree in Marketing and I stay home with my girls. Blogging is a release for me. It allows me to use my Marketing degree. It is a passion of mine and I am so glad I found it.

I just turned 30 this year (eek!) and I am a stay at home mommy. I raise two beautiful little girls, Ivy, who is 3.5, and Lorie, who will be 2 in January. Earlier this year, at the end of May, I discovered blogging. I jumped in head first and WOW! I am one busy mama right now. I get anywhere from 5 to 12 packages a day of items to review. It gets crazy sometimes, but life is always crazy! My mornings and the girls’ naptime is my “blogging” time. I grab a cup of coffee and sit at the computer or take my laptop to the couch and dig in!
Mama Smith 2

Some of my favorite items that I have gotten to review are a Keurig 2.0 machine, a Soda Stream, a tower fan, subscription boxes, and tons of board games! I bet you are wondering how. Well, that part is time consuming too. You have to be diligent. Search the internet for companies you would like to work with. I always search for press releases because they give you the media or press contact, which is who you should be talking to. Tell them about yourself and your blog and let them know why you would be an asset to their company. A great media kit and pitch letter go a long way.

It is also really important to put work in to your reviews. Always use at least a few of your own photos and no copying and pasting product information – unless the company asks for that. Write what you really think of the product, not what you are supposed to think of the product. Companies will appreciate your honesty. If you put hard work in to a review, chances are the company will want to work with you again. They will also share your review on social media, bringing you more traffic and new readers.

I don’t really make any money from it at this point, it is more for fun. I used to work in promotions and then in real estate – so this is what I love to do. However, I think with the new year, I will start to charge for some things. I just do not have the time for all these reviews to not make anything from it. Anyways, that is me! If you are thinking about blogging, you should do it! Just know it is time consuming. I know many people think you just get a bunch of stuff for free, but that is not how it works, you pay with your time!




16 thoughts on “My Life as a Full-Time Blogger (Guest Post) By: Tessa Smith

  1. You are so right! Time is everything these days especially when the kids are so little. You want to see them grow up but also be compensated for the time you put into blogging/reviewing items and products for others! Have a good holiday.


  2. I love blogging too! I so much fun. I do a few reviews and I like doing those too. Especially when it’s something I want. I have found several ways to make money too with affiliates and some reviews I do also pay.


  3. This post and the comments are quite interesting. I’ve been blogging off and on since 2007 (with my current blog started in 2013), and I have never done product reviews except for products (usually books) that I’d already bought myself. I make no money from blogging. Then again, I do love traffic to my blog, but still my posts are mostly about my wn little life, which isn’t too interesting unless you’re (wanting to be) a mental health professional or area mental health consumer or special needs parent (I’m a mental health consumer and disabled person). Then again, beign on benefits, I’m not even sure that if I could, I would be allowed to earn money from blogging.


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