#tbt and a rare moment–a picture of me lol

tbt MC BallSoon to be HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARINE CORPS I thought I posted this while it is still #tbt. Me from 1997 my first Marine Ball, with then my fiancé — wow soon to be 17 years together and this weekend another Marine Ball (though I am unable to attend). So thankful for the invention of the camera to capture moments — not myself but that moment I flew to see him up in Pensacola and attend our first Ball together and here we are married next month going to celebrate 17 years of being married and 5 wonderful kids!


One thought on “#tbt and a rare moment–a picture of me lol

  1. Congrats! Wow so much in common it’s eerie… So lets see here, I married an Air Force brat. We have been together 18 years now just this past May. We also have 5 children together. And you will probably think I’m making this one up, but I have pics to prove it, the dress you are sporting above looks almost identical to the one I wore to my senior prom in 1996! Ahh good times! How time flies eh! Lol…


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