Heating Pad by Sunbeam Reaview

Heating Pad

Sunbeam Xpress Heat $24.99 @ Target. Claims it “HEATS UP IN 30 SECONDS”


After 10 years with my last heating and having that one melt and fry itself it was time to get another and no time is better than waking up with a stiff neck ugh! So I looked around for one with a good review online as well as in stock close by and this was the one that fit both 4 stars and close by. Now to pass my harsh test — the heat test! It may heat up in 30 seconds but does that heat give any relief? We shall see.

Heating Pad 2

The last one I had, was also from Sunbeam, though unlike this it did not have a soft cover. This cover is plush and very soft to the touch, a little too plush as it absorbs too much of the heat, but I will touch on that in a bit. The controller is easy to use. It works on ‘pushes’ 1 push-for warm, 2 for light, 3 for medium and 4 for high. The pad it self is a good size. I tend to use it for neck, lower back and shoulder so it is not too small and not too big either. Does fold over nicely for when I was laying on to help with my neck when I got home.

The Test!

Yes you can feel “heat” in 30 seconds so they are not wrong just not to my liking! When my neck is stiff or any part of me is stiff “WARM” just does not cut it. Even slightly hot (which to me this does not get to) does not cut it either. I want it HOT. So for the heat factor I feel as if my older one was much better, then again 10 years ago regulations probably were not that tight and what is now medium was then low, making high more like scolding!!! Also the cover got a huge upgrade and increase in fabric over the last 10 years. Probably due to comfort and safety. HENCE WHY MINE WAS ABLE TO FRY AND MELT ITSELF. My old one the cover was thinner then Hotel 8’s pillow cases, which helped me feel the heat more. This cover is plush more throw like. The cord also is more safe as it too was upgraded, which this I am glad!! I do like the controller and it is not rubber as some other ones were that I looked at.

Overall the $24.99 is a great value. I do know that Sunbeam is great name in Health Care products and they have a wonderful customer service line if you do need to call about any of their products or have any questions.

They have been around since 1910 and is an American brand.


Price – A

Heat – B-

Comfort – A-

Safety – A

Overall –   A-

Will be using this often. Do you own a Sunbeam product? What do you think of them? Which brand is your heating pad made by?


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