Giggles at the computer….doing Math?

I stumbled upon this website on my twitter feed one day KidsNBids Decided I would check them out and see what I thought. I am sure you have all heard of ABC Mouse – I did their trial way back but to be honest Eric, Sean and Kevin never got “hooked” great concept just not fitting for their ages and interest. So went into looking at Kids N Bids with a similar mentality that as far as the girls would go it wouldn’t hold them and have them wanting to keep coming back to play,  which in turn they were learning.

I was surprised. Even found myself playing a couple of games, who doesn’t need a good game of memory at age 35 or heck with ‘Mom Brain’?!! Faith and Megan couldn’t get enough and when my 12-year-old Kevin asked if he could play as well, how could I say NO!!

What sets them apart from “XYZ” is not only their games, the fun Farm theme, their PRICE!!! but is their reward program they have for each child. As the kids play games and they can earn ‘GOODLES’, these ‘GOODLES’ can be redeemed for actual toys or gift cards in their secure-free shipping Auction. No I did not help with any earning of GOODLES so they girls could redeem them faster, the idea is to reward all their hard work.

Faith got a $10 Toys-R-US GC and was so PROUD of herself when it arrived, and she knew why and how she earned it “I PLAYED MATH ALL DAY WHILE MY BROTHERS AND MY MEGAN WERE AT SCHOOL” Here she is with her items she picked out:


Megan saved up and saved up for a Monster High Doll! She crossed off on her calendar each day until the Auction ended and then screamed when it arrived in the mail, with lighting speed!


Kevin is still playing and what subjects does he like best on their site? The Science and Social Studies. He is saving up his GOODLES for the Easy Bake Oven, as he is my future Baker #KevinTheBaker

Here is a screen shot of when Kevin was play.


We love Kids N Bids, and have been thrilled that each day after homework the girls are asking to hop on and play games that are educational and safe! Megan, is working on her math times table and this has helped. She is now on her way to saving up for another item. Which is another great concept KIDS N BIDS have, helping with setting a goal and working toward that. Once Megan saw that Monster High Doll she then saw how many GOODLES she needed to earn to be able to bid 234 (I believe, if you ask her she would remember). She exceeded that, then bid on her doll and set a new goal.

Faith being 5, jumps between 2 toys but she knows she has to work –in a fun way to earn more GOODLES!

Here is a link so that you and your child(ren) can check out Kids-N-Bids


We are on a referral program, but these opinions are mine and are not swayed by any company. All program referral rewards I earn go toward my Volunteer Mission Trip to Tanzania, Africa where I will have the privilege to volunteer at an orphanage and help. Blog posting on that was up and now I am updating it and will be reposting it by 10-8-2014, if you would like more information on that.


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