Dream Trip Close But Still Reaching…Tanzania, Africa

Ever since I was little there was one place in the world I wanted to visit..Africa. I would dream of joining the Peace Corps and traveling there. My Senior year in high school to graduate we had to write a report on a Country and I chose Africa. The wildlife is unlike any other. I have had some set backs but my dream still remains. I have met a gentleman Eric Joseph who I look forward to showing me his land and people. We live in a world where often times our dreams seem so out of reach, the key is never to give up on them. I look forward to traveling to Tanzania, Africa and volunteering at an Orphanage as well as seeing up close Chimpanzees, Gorillas and Elephants. Fulfilling a dream many put down has been decades in the making, but the dream no matter how often crushed still remained and is closing in!

Flag_of_Tanzania_svg gorilla Lion

 To help raise money I have been making and selling wreaths as well put together a TFund.com campaign.


Here is the link to order your own shirt. Thank you for your support.


The goal on the shirts is to reach a minimum 10 shirts! $20 each

Donations can be made through Paypal using this link:




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