The industrial strength packaged toy vs. the light bulb

I bought my girls a $10 pair of headphones, let me rephrase that. I saved my sanity by buying my girls a $10 pair of headphones from Walmart today. Cute kid headphones perfect for containing those terrible sounding game noises or having to listening to the same movie for the 1956x while driving, sitting next to them, laying near them or being in the same house etc.


Looking at it I thought this would be a pretty easy to open package. We are talking about kid headphones by Maxell and not a computer. Which is nothing more than a cardboard box &  packaging tape. Hardest part is sliding it out due to those 7″ thick “Styrofoam” that cradles it.

Seems as though the less expensive the product is, the less packaging it receives and/or it’s hard to get into packaging does not fit the item it is wrapped in.

Last week was my daughters 5th birthday. She got the ‘Baby Alive Baby Doll’.


This is where the battle between you vs.. the toys begin.

Oh joy Baby Alive is here–grab scissors (the industrial strength ones), wire cutters, gloves and or box of band aids, a chair — with toys you are in for the long hall and just incase she is like anything else your child wants out of the box fast but some twisted developer does not, best grab the electric handheld turkey slicer, works wonders on getting into toys that you want out.  After much over used twist ties made with steel, plastic that was there to hold up a sign letting you know “I REALLY PEEPEE”, and enough cardboard & glue to feed a family of roaches for a minute she was out! Oh wait we need light for the pictures let me grab a new bulb.

Light Bulb–GLASS, WILL SHATTER, DANGEROUS IF DROPPED, MADE WITH SHARP WIRES, METAL and GLASS, has to be packaged in a military strength box with plastic only the “As Seen On T.V” Ginsu Knives could open.

light bulb(From Store)

Hmm, I seem to have OVER grabbed too much to get one GLASS bulb. All I seem to need is my fingers in a “CLAW” shaped to grab it. Oh look slides out easily. Makes you wonder what others items are backwards in their packaging.

1. CANDLES–Boy walk in to any candles store and look down you are standing on hardwood or title floor and yet they have all their candles lined up to the EDGE of their rows. WITH THE CHEAPEST TEA LIGHTS ON THE BOTTOM!!

2. CDs/DVDs I don’t think they want us to purchase them anymore. With Netflix, iTunes, Kindle and etc. who need to compared if your goal is to walk into Target to get a CD and listen to in your car on the way home. If not you will be buying a Swiss Army Knife before check out. That plastic is harder  to snap than military parts are packed in (and I have seen some parts to jets that should be “doubled bagged” from being married to a Marine)

3. EGGS. If they were packed to where we knew those little guys were not wiggling, we would stand in the cold section for 5 minutes checking at least 5 cartoons to be sure all “OUR EGGS” look like they remained in their original position!

10347626_10204430923796019_5495026082923834113_n (decorated our eggs as a surprise for my kids when they wake up)

4. BREAD. Heaven help me if one of my girls tosses the bread in the shopping cart and puts in the basket and not up front in its own seat where Bread belongs when you buy it. By the time we get up to the check out that loaf bread now looks like a long flat bread. Bread should be in squish proof package like Twinkies are in. I know more people have to be buying Bread than those things.

5. Scissors. If I need them, that probably means I don’t have them. But to get in them I NEED THEM!

which brings me to

6. Any items needed to, open that item!

So where does that leave the light bulb when I am shopping? Up close with the eggs and the bread in the “child sit” aka Where To Place Items That Should Be Packaged A Little Bit More Durable. Because you still have a whole ride home, and in my house 5 kids fighting over who is bringing all the bags in, and who is putting it all away. Those that are bringing them in, I believe are practicing  for Horse Shoes….see who can get the bags closest to the kitchen from the door without crossing the kitchen the doorway!




33 thoughts on “The industrial strength packaged toy vs. the light bulb

  1. I bought my son a toy car for his birthday. He was with me and picked it out in the store. I tried to open it up in the car and I couldn’t get it out of the box without a screwdriver. Annoying!


  2. This made me giggle, because you’re so right! I always loathe opening toys boxes. As for the candle store, you’re so spot on. That’s why I feel iffy about going to candle stores, because I’m so clumsy that I’m afraid I’ll break something, especially considering that most of them have hardwood floors <—- I don't understand!



  3. I hate packages that’s hard to open for no reason. You made me smile, with the cute pictures and the comparisons as well. I totally agree with you about the Baby Alive. She don’t need any wires to be safe.


  4. Love this! I’ve made comments to my hubs before about lightbulbs & eggs being in the flimsiest of packaging, whereas kids toys you almost need half the garage tools to open them. & what is up with some of them having things screwed down?! As if zip ties weren’t enough!


  5. Oh girl, I have so been there before. Usually when I wrap a present especially for Christmas I take out most of those wires so the doll or car can be grabbed easily and they’re not running here Nanee open this. We cannot have that with ten grandchildren, but you are so right on the money with all these things. lol


  6. Sometimes you have to save your sanity by buying little stuff like the headphones. I’ve made some sanity-kepeing purchases too.


  7. I’ve noticed this a lot. It’s really by what the manufacturer can afford and what works for that specific niche. We’d think bread would come in a sturdier package, but frankly, it’s eaten up so fast and people don’t want to pay extra money that would be added if the packaging was different.

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