Hallway Bowling Alley!

We all know the wonders of Washi Tape and the millions of things you can do and create using it. Well today I made my girls an indoor Bowling Alley with some washi tape and 30 empty rolls of toilet paper (sounds like that would of taken awhile, but in a house of 7 — and a 5 year old who uses “can I go to the bathroom” as an escape method from EVERYTHING…didn’t take long)


Once we saved up 30 (above was the beginning) it was time to decorate!


The girls each were given 10 “PINS” to color and draw on with Crayons!

Now the Lane!

Hard to see the outline tape and triangles (should of stuck with the hot pink–but those are the “guides”)


Megan’s 10 Pins all ready to be knocked down! They used a baseball at the “bowling ball”



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