The Easiest and Most Confusing Game Ever

I love playing with my two girls, which are 6 and 4 but there is a game they often ask me to play that is very easy but so darn confusing.

“Let’s Play Mommy & Daughter”

At first I assumed I was to be the daughter, after all I am the mom all the time so wouldn’t make much sense for me to “pretend” to be that role in a game…..right? WRONG! In this game I am to be Mommy and my daughters are to “pretend” to be my daughters. Following? Now you really would think this game would be fun, but it is cute, easy and confusing but fun, not so much. I am this role, so my naturally one would think I would be good at this role. Apparently not. During the handful of times we play I am often corrected, “No mom (which mom is getting the NO?) you are not doing it right”, “Mom say this……” Mom drive like this (showing me the TV /Movie way).”

The confusing part kicks in is when the REAL mom has to do something or use her MOM VOICE to my 3 older boys, when does the game actually end? I learned that the hard way the first time we played. Boy, it was a flash back to the game I played as a child and now my older ones do to annoy each other–Copy Cat, as the girls would follow me around and somewhat do what I did, and slyly ask me to do something for them that would not normally take place in the afternoon e.g. “Will you cover us for our nap?” Don’t have to ask me twice 😉 ~~No judging, come back after baby #5 and we will chat, heck or #3!! The game is over it turns out only when I say these exact words (which of course I did not know since playing games with kids rules are made up as they go and often changed in the mist of playing–so stay alert) “Okay, daughters Mommy has to go now and fly home!” That would explain why Super Woman and Super Mom both wear capes and are never seen together–they are one person! Who Knew!


~~What did we learn today? That a child’s imagination is one of wonderment and without nourishment and encouragement it will not reach its full potential. Also that Pretends Moms’ like Real Moms’ at times need to be corrected and reminded that every game has a start and an end.~~


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