Welcome To The World of Momhood

crying baby

Congratulations you gave birth to your new boy or girl! Part of being able to survive momhood is to realize all the books you read do not fully prepare you for the arrival of your smaller version of a teenager, minus the talking (for now!). You might be wondering how a newborn can be compared to a teenager, well that just means you do not have a teenager. But don’t worry your little one will help prepare you ( tiny bit) for when he/she is a teen. Just as teens (Disclaimer: Of course this does not pertain to every teen, just only about 95% ;)!!) revert back to being a single digit age and with that out goes the window of having patients, just like your new baby. The old saying “Babies eat every 3 hours,” well remember these are not dolls, they are tiny humans who get hungry every 2 hours, 4 hours, 3 hours, 2 hours, then 4 etc. Ideally for sleep purposes we would like them to eat every 4 hours during the day and then from day one sleep 8 hours at night before wanting to eat again. But like I said “Ideally” this would be wonderful. No sleep deprivation, no sleep deprivation, and no sleep deprivation.. okay you get what I am saying, it would be nice but that is not helpful for preparing you for when he/she turns into a teenager!!!! I have watched my oldest go from being a 3lb baby, a quiet toddler, fun hyper boy to a T-E-E-N!!!!! Let me give you an example to help you understand: Newborns when wanting something that we can’t figure out….. ‘does screaming turning red and kicking both legs mean hungry or diaper change?’ or ‘does no screaming, kicking both legs and slightly red but grunting mean hungry or pooping?’ We go through the same feeling as they reach the teen years.

boy crying

Friday morning we were all up getting ready for everyone to head off to school. My 14 yr old comes into the kitchen (where mind you there were 3 people already in our Galley kitchen) begins to stomp his feet and waving his arms up and down in the air with a slight red face. This is where the wondering begins, but first always rule out the obvious—sick, sleep walking etc.. Then BAM! You remember newborns and teenagers lack patients. Awe, he is hungry and cannot wait for his sibling to get their food and move out of the way patiently. Now quick ‘What do you do?’— Toss an apple at him?, Tell the other child to move faster?, Tell the teenager to go get ready and come back?……the choices could be endless. But just as you don’t rip wide open your shirt in public to feed your baby faster, or wear a ready to drink filled bottle around your neck for quicker feeding, you don’t do the same for teens(not the breastfeeding part or the bottle feeding lol, meant more the “Faster Food Service”). It is okay if your newborn cries and kicks while you unbutton a few buttons and toss a blanket over you, THEN pick he/she up and feed, it is also okay if your teen waits his turn for the fridge. Patients isn’t something we are naturally born with, we learn this trait from our parents, peers and at times not by choice. So remember 1. For the first month you might feel like your new precious baby only wants you for food, THEY DO……and diaper changes, just like teenagers it takes a little bit of time for them to show you they need you for more then just food, rides and $$; food, rides and $$! 2. Both newborn and teens can and will throw tantrums. 3. Yelling, spanking, screaming etc do nothing to help with the newborn crying and kicking, same with the hungry teen. and the most important 4 YOU ARE THE MOM-YOU ARE IN CHARGE-YOU ARE MORE NEEDED AND LOVED THEN SOMETIMES IT FEELS, BUT IT IS TRUE!




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